Miznon - The Pita that has it all (Perfect?)

Tel Aviv is a city packed with various places to eat. You can have your meal in a fancy (like super fancy and sophisticated, deserving 3 Michelin stars kind of restaurants) and enjoy it thoroughly or have it in a simple, straight forward popular Israeli place and have the same feeling of joy (deliciousness wise). I find myself enjoying both kinds and all that is in between, simply because the variety of such great food places is amazing. Here I'm sharing with you a little secret of mine. Many times after any kind of meal I had in TLV (without correlation with my state of hungriness), I ended up eating a Pita in the Miznon. Why? Because it's my ultimate dish that wraps my day in TLV with all the right tastes, textures, smells and atmosphere. It's not a commercial, and my wish for you is to avoid all the irelevant things that you may hear about the owner, prices, etc. It's just that simple - My Favorite dish in TLV is the white pita in the Miznon. Photographing there was almost as fun as eating this beautiful stuffed kind of bread: 

Jaffa Flea Market or How to sparkle your day with Inspiration

There are so many things one can do in three hours (or so little, if one chooses to..).  On my visit to Jaffa (haven't been there for the last decade), these 3 hours I spent there, were deliciously inspirational. The goal at the beginning was to taste some of the local delicatessens there. The pictures I took document the moments between the beginning and the end. At the end, I was full (not only with tasty food) but with many smiles (in my mind and heart) that were ignited by the colors, people and atmosphere that the stroll in Jaffa offers to its visitors.

I hope these pictures will inspire you all to go out, explore and inhale these goodies. I would love for you to Share your inspirational moments with me too!

List of places I photographed is mentioned below.

Stroll through Eilat St. towards the famous Jaffa Clock Tower and all these places, and many (many!) more are about a 1km radius around it:

Think Art, Supplies for all that is art

Abouelafia, Bakery, Jaffa

Flea Market, Jaffa

Zielinsky & Rozen, Cosmetics

Palestina (E"I), Antiques Store

Leon Bakery, Balkan pastries and restaurant

Asufa, Design Store

Shaffa Bar

Sofi, Design Store