Miznon - The Pita that has it all (Perfect?)

Tel Aviv is a city packed with various places to eat. You can have your meal in a fancy (like super fancy and sophisticated, deserving 3 Michelin stars kind of restaurants) and enjoy it thoroughly or have it in a simple, straight forward popular Israeli place and have the same feeling of joy (deliciousness wise). I find myself enjoying both kinds and all that is in between, simply because the variety of such great food places is amazing. Here I'm sharing with you a little secret of mine. Many times after any kind of meal I had in TLV (without correlation with my state of hungriness), I ended up eating a Pita in the Miznon. Why? Because it's my ultimate dish that wraps my day in TLV with all the right tastes, textures, smells and atmosphere. It's not a commercial, and my wish for you is to avoid all the irelevant things that you may hear about the owner, prices, etc. It's just that simple - My Favorite dish in TLV is the white pita in the Miznon. Photographing there was almost as fun as eating this beautiful stuffed kind of bread: